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Notice that not only do you get a chance to include a long description, photo's, videos, your twitter feed and you can add your website's URL that will be a clickable link in your ad, but.... you will notice these ads also have a Like Box included in their ad! And all you have to do is add your Facebook Page URL like this one: in the box provided while posting your ad and your Like Box will show up in your ad below your description, it's that easy.


And what's even better is that you can place your Facebook page in a sub-category like Artist, Band, Public Figure, Brand or Product, Entertainment, Local Business etc. that will help people find the type of business they are looking for. If you think about it, Facebook doesn't give people the chance to search by category. You pretty much need to know the name of the business that you are looking for and search for it. At people can just look in the category they are wanting to find someone in and/or use our search tool.

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Promoting Your Facebook Page is Easy!
10 Simple Steps To Add Your Facebook Page On For Free!
  • 1. Register for free, then log in and you will be taken to your account details page. Click on "Add New Classified Ad"
  • 2. Choose the category Facebook Pages, then a new box will appear and you will want to make sure you place your Facebook Page in the same category as you have it at Facebook. If you have forgotten what category your page is listed at on Facebook just go to your page and click on Edit Page, then Update Info and you will see what category your Facebook page is listed in. Be sure to match the categories at Filibi and Facebook. This is important for search engines.
  • 3. Choose how long you want your ad to run. You can run your ad for 90 days for free. But let's be honest. Is your page only going to be online for 90 days? With a Facebook Page ad we recommend choosing Never Expire for just $9.95. This also helps maintain a steady presence on the web and SEO, and allows you to set it and forget it.
  • 4. Start adding your details starting with your Title. It's best to match your title with the title of your Facebook Page. Next is your description. It's easiest to use your description at Facebook, then add to it from there if you have the need. Then fill in the "Tags". Tags are like keywords to help people locate your ad within our site.
  • 5. Contact and Location Information. You MUST be sure to enter your region here. Then if you like, you can add up to 10 additional regions to have people from other regions see your ad. 1 additional region is Free, then just $2.00 per region after that.
  • 6. Add Your Online Information. Here are two box's. One box is for your website URL and the other is for your Facebook page URL to Have Your "Like Box" Added to Your Listing. Enter your Facebook Business Page URL, NOT Your Personal account URL and not a Group URL. Example: (Your URL may vary).
  • 7. Upload Your Images Here. Here is where you will add images from your image files. Use this section to upload photo(s) to be shown in your listing. Upload one image at a time, by selecting the file to upload, enter the file title (if one is desired), then click the upload button. Note: The photo in the first slot will be the photo shown as a thumbnail to visitors while browsing. There is an "Instruction" link for your convience as well.
  • 8. You have to option to add a YouTube video to your ad if you have one and if you choose to include it. Just provide the Share URL from YouTube. Example: To get the share URL, under your video on YouTube click on "Share" and a URL will appear. Just copy and paste it in the box provided. If you do not want to include a YouTube video, just skip to the images. There is an "Instruction" link for your convience as well.
  • 9. Add Extra Features. These extras can help your ad stand out. Be sure to check the boxes next to "Title Bolding" and "Featured Listing".
  • 10. And finally click on "Next", Preview your page then click "Check Out" and your ad goes live instantly.
Then go to your listing and Share your Facebook listing to multiple Social Media sites!
(You will see Share buttons right above your listing and this helps search engines find your page.)
  • Once you check out and your ad goes live and your organic traffic for your Facebook page begins. By using our service, your ad is also sent to our Facebook page and several Twitter accounts giving you even more exposure for your ad.
  • Thank you for joining our family and we hope you enjoy our services.
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